Our story

We are a duo with experience in early stage startup operations, venture capital, and strategy consulting  helping startups and small businesses reach their full potential. We have years of experience solving complex problems and creating new ideas for various companies and industries. We believe the expertise of high-level strategy consulting shouldn’t just be reserved for large companies but offered to the startups and small businesses that help push us forward. Our big dream is to empower local entrepreneurs to grow and scale their businesses and reach the next level.


Our Team

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AJ Curotto, Co-Founder | LinkedIn

AJ has experience launching and scaling early-stage startups, working with Elemy in their New Ventures group, where he has helped bring new behavioral health services to families all across the US. Previously, he worked in strategy consulting with EY-Parthenon, focused on large-scale mergers and acquisitions. He has advised in the healthcare, pharmaceuticals, aviation, media and entertainment, and consumer goods industries. If he wasn’t consulting, AJ would most likely be opening a pizza shop. Thin crust – no deep dish here.

Victoria Ivanova, Co-Founder | LinkedIn

Victoria is currently an investor with Relish Works, a Chicago-based venture capital firm specializing in Food Tech and the food services industry. She previously worked with Slalom Consulting, where she led organizational transformations, program development, and strategic pandemic response. She has a degree in Finance and Business Law from Penn State and is a first-generation Bulgarian immigrant. Passionate, curious, and people-oriented, Victoria’s favorite spot is in a Greek cafe, drinking a Frappé.

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