Product & Service Design

Rapid, flexible, and robust: the three words that describe effective product and service design. Competing in an open and over-saturated market requires intentional development and routine re-visiting of your product and service offerings in order to keep up with customer demands. Many small businesses struggled due to COVID-related closures, but some of those businesses were able to act quickly and identify areas of opportunity for their business in that circumstance, and maybe even pick up additional loyal customers in the process.


Identifying your target customers and shifting your business’s products and services to fit their needs makes all the difference. The team at AV consulting has advised multiple COVID-impact projects to help companies respond to their ever-changing ecosystem.



Product Design 

If you are creating a new product, the high-level scenario may involve a marketing team establishing product requirements, a design team developing a working prototype, and the production engineers determining how the product will be manufactured. A concept design will evaluate the user experience for preliminary market testing, and further review by potential customers (e.g. focus groups) can close out your market testing phase. After a successful market test, it is time to identify design options and follow through with product development. Once finalized, the product design is tested and designed for manufacture, leaving you with your product prototype.

If you are sourcing your products from third-party vendors, the main priority for you is to conduct a market analysis for your key clients, partner with brands that provide desirable products, elevate your public image and brand through product vendor partnerships, and revisit your sourcing/partnership strategy to fit your customer demand.

Service Design

Service design can take on many different forms and can be picked up and examined from any angle. For example, a comprehensive analysis of your business (i.e. audit) would entail taking a look at what you offer product and service-wide, the business personality, values, and mission, your internal processes and tools, pricing, time management, staff motivation, training and marketing materials. Other tools that can take a deeper dive into your customers’ wants and needs include market and competitive analysis. In customer research, you can answer questions like: has my target audience evolved over time? Are we focusing on the right people? Why do our loyal customers choose us and stay? What can we improve in the customer experience?

Service design is not just for new businesses or services. Even if you have been in business for decades, you can always benefit from a fresh set of eyes. AV Consultants are trained in how people think, what motivates them, how the user experience can be improved, and why they are likely to interact with your company.

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