Profitability Assessment 

The team at AV consulting has years of experience in financial analysis and modeling and our day jobs often involve profitability assessments for large companies. Being able to confidently and accurately track your financials is the first step to being able to identify areas for improvement in your operations. If your business is not already tracking financials, this is the first piece of work AV Consulting can help implement: secure, accurate, repeatable, and scalable point of sale (POS) and accounting services.

Profitability Framework.png

If your business has already laid this groundwork and you have been tracking some declining performance but aren’t quite sure where to make improvements, we can help guide that decision. Being able to dissect a business into its component parts and assess each one individually is a key first step. Is one product line a rising star while another is bleeding cash? Did you recently open a new location that hasn’t quite provided a reliable return on investment? These are some of the high-level areas to look for some extra dollars. We take it beyond the basics of simple identification, however, and are experts at offering pointed recommendations on how to adjust operations to improve your business’s profitability equation.


Contact us today for a rapid profitability assessment where we can evaluate the current state of operations and create a portfolio of value creation opportunities your business can implement and realize improvement on your bottom line.

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